Lie or Apology: Kejriwal made for ‘power’

As his very intention is malicious, he is exposed more whenever he tries to cover his real face. In fulfilling his ambitions to achieve power in Delhi, AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal spread lies to galvanize people against top leaders of BJP and now he is using the escape route of apology to retain the power. 

After the statements of AAP leadership, it is now crystal clear that the apology of Kejriwal lacks the basic constituent – remorse. In his written apologies to various leaders – Vikram Singh Majithia, Nitin Gadkari and others he used the term ‘regret’ but not in the spirit. Kejriwal’s deputy Manish Sisodia and other AAP leaders took shelter of the financial burden and wastage of time as the main reasons for the recent series of drafted apologies by Kejriwal.

Is Kejriwal motivated by only two reasons?  In a public meeting on January 31, 2014, Kejriwal released a list of ‘most corrupt politicians’ which include Nitin Gadkari, the incumbent Union Minister for Transport. The very next day he was served the legal notice. However, Kejriwal refused to apologize and released a video stating he would never apologize to Gadkari. “There is ample evidence against Gadkari and people like him will be devastated as evidence start trembling out,” said Kejriwal in highly aggressive language. The litigation of defamation is pending in the court since 2014. Where is the evidence? Why apology now? In fact, Kejriwal is frightened by a recent decision of the Supreme Court on November 2, 2017, in which the court ordered ‘speed trail’ of the criminal cases involving ‘political persons’ throughout the country. Subsequently, the Central government submitted a plan before the SC on next date of hearing – December 13, 2017; including allocation of Rs 7.8 crore for the trial of 1581 such cases.

“In the interest of the nation, trials in such cases must end within a year,” a bench headed by Justice Ranjan Gogoi had remarked, asking the government to meet its promise to decriminalize politics. As per the existing laws, a lawmaker guilty of a criminal offense punishable by two years or more in jail immediately loses his membership for the concerned house. After his 21 MLAs lost membership in ‘office of the profit’ case, Kejriwal recognized the difference between the opinion of a lawyer and verdict of the court. Now, he fears for his own disqualification if convicted in any of the cases. Here lies the real reason behind his series of so-called apologies.

This is the main concern of the AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal. The judgment had put a deadline on all the delaying tactics he has been using in his defamation cases. Furthermore, the controversy regarding payment of a fee to senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani also made it clear that he would have to cough up the fee from his own pocket or party fund so is with the fine/ cost imposed on him in defamation cases.

‘Hunger for Power’ has been at the core of Kejriwal’s politics. His entire political keeps ‘political power’ to fulfill his political ambitions. He lied for power, made ultra super promises and reversed them. He knew that the life of lies’ is short but also knows the tricks to use the lies in this short span of time. Those who have any doubt should recall these lies and Kejriwal’s somersaulting.


  1. I swear my children; I will never join hands with Congress (December 23, 2013). He joined hands with Congress (December 28, 2013) and ran from the government for 49 days.


  1. I will never follow VIP culture; will not take big bungalow etc. Demanded 5-bedroom big bungalow from the government at Bhagwan Das Road in Lutyens’ Delhi (February 4, 2014). (In 2013, AAP got a form signed by its candidates declaring they would shun VIP culture and not take big bungalow).


  1. There should be fresh elections in Delhi (February 14, 2014, after resignation). I have written LG to find out possibilities of government formation (May 21, 2014, after AAP lost all the seven seats in Delhi).


  1. In JNU Anti India slogan controversy, Kejriwal shared a video on social media claiming ABVP activists shouted slogans – Pakistan Jindabad (February 15, 2016). The magisterial inquiry proved the video was proved and the claim in the video was fake (October 18, 2016).

On completion of his 30 days in power on January 29, 2014, Delhi BJP had released a list of ‘30 lies in 30 days’. In fact, complete books could be written on the strategies of ‘lies’ by Kejriwal with ‘apology’ as a new section. However, his apology strategies with Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley would not be an easy task. However, I feel pity for Kejriwal for his resort to apology after the failure of conspiracies. As a B team of Congress, this is what he had inherited from there. Congress; was the first to use this strategy to protect her liberal image and vote bank after conniving Sikh Massacre in 1984. The difference is that Kejriwal uses the lies for character assassination of his rival politicians so frequently that he seems to be suffering from ‘lies addiction’, which is no less dangerous than ‘drug addiction’.

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