Ashish Sood (born 2nd September 1966) is an Indian politician and a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Delhi. He is considered a prominent personality amongst the core cadres of BJP who are inducted through the ideological channel of the organization– ABVP < BJYM < BJP.

He is considered one of the most articulate voices in Delhi BJP and is often invited to present the views of the party in media and various public forums. Ashish Sood is an alumnus of the University of Delhi. As a young student of B. Com (Hons) in ARSD College, he was highly influenced by the nationalist ideology of ABVP, the student union of the right wing in India. In those days BJP was not considered a significant political force but due to his love to nationalism he joined ABVP and rose to ranks with his sincere and hard work. He was first elected secretary of the college then joint secretary of DUSU and finally president of DUSU in 1988-89. He worked as full-time worker of ABVP from 1989 to 1993. As a student leader, he spearheaded several movements against corruption in the high offices of the Central government including the most infamous ‘Bofors Scam’ of the 80s.

In 2002, Sood was assigned the responsibility of Vice President in Delhi unit of BJYM, the youth wing of the BJP and promoted to General Secretary the very next year. His last responsibility with BJYM was national Vice President in 2005.
Ashish Sood was inducted in BJP as secretary of Delhi State in 2008 and worked closely with then-president O. P. Kohli, incumbent Governor of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. He is among a few young leaders of the party, who were assigned important responsibilities by six successive presidents of Delhi BJP. He worked as General Secretary with Vijendra Gupta (presently Leader of Opposition in Delhi Legislative Assembly), Vice President with Vijay Goel (Union Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs), Vice President with Dr. Harsh Vardhan, General Secretary with Satish Upadhyay and incumbent Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari has assigned him the responsibility of Publicity Division.

Ashish Sood was elected councilor of South MCD in 2012 from Janakpuri ward in West Delhi. It was due to his visionary approach, he was appointed the chairperson of the Remunerative Project (RP) Cell for two times and then chairperson of the Education Committee. He also worked as Leader of the House and member in the standing committee. As chairperson of R P Cell he finalized advertising and parking policy of the corporation under which only registered vendors were allowed to participate in the tender process. As chairperson of the education committee, Sood was highly instrumental in opening the primary schools of the corporation for corporate sector with a view to address financial constraints in augmenting services. It was due to sustained efforts, the prominent corporate sectors came forward to adopt and invest their CSR funds in South MCD schools. He also launched NEEV project to wherein schools were asked to conduct surveys in their adjoining areas and give ‘on the spot’ admission to the kids of poorest of the poor in the city. In this project, thousands of kids living in slums, construction sites, street children, were enrolled in the formal school system. He is also credited to start ‘book recycling’ project under which the schools were asked to take back the books from the students at the end of the year and redistribute them to the next batch after required maintenance. In his constituency, he is recognized as a politician with integrity, vision, development, dedication, compassion, empathy, workaholic, excellent organizer and performer.

He is married to Anupam Sood. The couple has a son Shivansh and two daughters – Saumya and Aastha.