AAP’s Nexus with School Mafias: 780 private schools not refunded ‘looted money’

AAP ruled Delhi government boasts of reforming education in the city and providing relief to parents but the reality is different. The government has completely failed to recover over Rs 677 crore virtually looted by the private schools by illegally increasing the fee in 2009. After Sheila Dikshit, Arvind Kejriwal seems protecting these education mafia for around four years.  

It’s surprising that despite several orders of the Delhi High Court, AAPruled Delhi government’s effort to recover the money is only limited in making statements in media and getting publicity by misguiding the parents in Delhi.In a hearing on this matter in Delhi High Court on 5th December, itwas revealed that so far the records of 1216 private schools were inspected outof which 785 schools had illegally increased fee. The Fee Review Committee of the High Court headed by Justice (Retd) Anil Dev has directed 602 private schools to refund the fee hike along with 9% interest rate to the parents. The committee found that remaining 254 private schools had ‘looted’ around Rs 177crore on the name of ‘fee’ from the parents on the basis of forged financial records. The court has directed the Directorate of Education, Delhi government to conduct further inquiry into the allegations of forged documents.

In 2009, the private schools in Delhi had arbitrarily hiked the fee on the name of implementing 6th pay commission. Besides hike the schools had exhorted 32 months fee with retrospective effect i.e. since 2006. According to the Justice Dave committee, which was appointed in 2011, around Rs 677 crore were exhorted of which around Rs 250 crore is interest. The total amount pending with private schools is over Rs 700 crore. So far only five schools have submitted the exhorted money in the High Court. AAP government on May 23, 2018 made a statement in media that ‘strict action’ will be taken against 575 schools if they don’t refund the fee. There is no action on the ground. It proves that AAP leaders have joined the gang of school mafias, and the so called elected government is patronizing them.  

In its manifesto, AAP had promised to rationalize the fee and ensure justice for the parents. Going against its promise it passed an order on 17th October, 2017 allowing private schools to increase the fee. After the parents launched a movement against AAP’s elected government and knocked the doors of Delhi High Court, the draconian order was withdrawn. The children, parents, teachers and every stake holder of school education in Delhi is suffering due to unholy alliance of AAP’s elected government and school mafias. 

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